Clément Fournier, owner of Garage Clément Fournier inc acquired Remorquage Thibault in 1982. The company continued to expand over the years as it acquired more units. Thibault Remorquage Transport, formerly Remorquage Thibault, has been a valuable asset for Garage Clément Fournier.


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The company has offered a complete range of roadside services, from lockout to extraction, for over 30 years. In 2008, it began focusing on the specialized transport of machinery, merchandise and materials throughout Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes. With its highly-qualified, continuously-trained personnel, Thibault Remorquage Transport has become the reference in the transport industry.


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Garage Clément Fournier, Services Routiers TRT’s parent company, offers several areas of expertise under one roof. It not only provides auto mechanic services, but also detailing, windshield repair or replacement, rustproofing and used vehicle sales. The garage has operated under the Autoplace banner since 1995 and has been CAA-recommended for over 15 years.


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Proud of their many years in business, Services Routiers TRT and Garage Clément Fournier have a dedicated team of reliable business partners with a strong desire to keep learning and expanding and, of course, who have countless hours of experience, all to give you the best possible service.



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From left to right, back: Christian Fournier and Julie Fournier. Front: Vincent Fournier, Clément Fournier and Pierre-Marc Dufour.